RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

We are very proud and delighted with our Gold Medal for the Show garden category for the Linklater’s Garden for Maggie’s .


The garden was designed by Darren Hawkes, and inspired by the pioneering vision of the late Maggie Keswick, who understood the need for people living with cancer to have a space which is the antithesis to the clinical feel of a hospital, our garden for Maggie’s will be a welcoming, warm and safe sanctuary. It is designed as a space for those seeking solace, a moment to decompress, reflect and gain strength.


The garden is surrounded by a three-meter hornbeam hedge to create a secluded, enveloping space. Standing at the front of the garden before us lies a beautifully crafted, open wooden gate through which we discover our first view of what lies inside. Different types of spaces have been defined to fulfil different needs. Personal, private spaces for those needing time alone, whilst large open spaces are designed for group time with family, friends and staff.


Hard landscaping is made from a single material, basalt based concrete, treated in three different ways – polished, acid etched and broken edge. Juxtaposed is the planting which is soft, feminine, scented and full. Under the canopy of a huge Amalanchier nestle Hostas, Rodgersia, and Camassia while in the sunshine are Peonies, Roses, Box, Elder and Thilictrum.